Sunday, July 29, 2012


Today is cleaning day here at the Gonzales house - so I wanted to download what I had from yesterday for pictures - plus we are backing up our pictures tonight and emptying our camera - all in prep :)

Anyways... Chris was Mr. Creepy and took our long lens to take pictures of Heidi playing with the neighbor kids. I guess they were playing school, but its really cute. They get along soooo well! We are lucky to have neighbors like them!

Once again, we were out and about on Saturday - first we bought a new umbrella for our patio - its coming this week and I'm SUPER excited! Its one of those that can stay out all year and it can cover the whole patio just about... don't worry - I'm sure I will take plenty of pictures once it arrives!

We decided to go to the natural history museum since it was raining outside. Heidi was super cute in her new outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Gonzales and she really wanted to wear her "church" shoes too.

Chris was nice enough to drop us off at the front door while he parked the car - so the overcast skies lent for some nice pictures... now if only Heidi was willing to model... so I got some goofy ones instead...

She insisted on standing next to the butt sculpture...

When we got to the museum, it was animal Olympic day - in order words - there were a bunch of stations that would put kids to a challenge trying to match the abilities of animals. Very cute. If you finished all stations you got a little prize at the end - Heidi chose a bumper sticker - ha. First we have daddy and Heidi trying to beat a hummingbird wing flap and then we have Heidi digging like a ground hog...

They had face painting - which Heidi is NOT about - but when she realized she could get something on her arm - she was all about it. It was just funny standing in line - the kids before Heidi:

  • A girl wanted her face like a leopard
  • A boy wanted his face like a lizard
  • Another boy got a details scorpion on his face

and Heidi...

She wanted a purple star on her arm... the lady goes - well that's a nice change of pace. :)

 After a quick outside tour of the animals and statues - our day came to an end... 

It was a nice nice we even saw a celebrity... who you might ask? Well Abe Lincoln... he eats Jimmy Johns... in case you were wondering...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Uncle Barry

We always love it when Uncle Barry comes through Cleveland. Heidi ADORES him! She made him sit by her at dinner, shared his food and even let him wipe her face. Of course they went and saw his private plane he flew in on and Heidi loves it! I think she loves the snacks too - even though this time he didn't have any cookies. :) She adores Barry so much - I guess she cried the whole way home when she realized he wasn't coming back to our house. This morning she woke up and first thing was "I miss Uncle Barry". We like seeing Barry too - always fun!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

37 Weeks

We had a good weekend again. Saturday we went to an art festival in a suburb of Cleveland. It was nice - of course I picked out the piece of art that was $2200 (No we did not buy it - are you kidding me?). I mean, it was cool - but really??? That seemed really extreme to me! We continue the journey of Heidi dressing herself and she wanted to model next to a tree.

After her modeling session - we stopped for a cupcake - Heidi loved it so much she even had frosting in her nose. I also love her crossed legs!

Heidi was also all about giving money to the band - they were rocking out on their banjo and whatever else - I'm just glad she actually gave money and didn't try to take any!

That night was a pig roast at our neighbor's house - nope - not a single picture - hey we are still getting to know our neighbors and didn't want to be THAT person taking pictures. The night was fun, food was good and Chris learned - he can't play corn hole - all these Ohio people SCHOOLED him... like his average score was 2 versus 25 by the other guy... We all stayed up late that night and were very mellow the next night - daddy was slightly hungover - Heidi was super tired and my feet looked like sausage patties. I decided to make cookies and Heidi is becoming quite the helper. She can even carefully level off items like flour and cocoa!

That is really about it for pictures this weekend - its hard to get up from the couch once I find a comfy spot. :) And is a picture of me exactly 37 weeks. I have popped! I have also cut my hair - it was all tangles and no one likes to blow dry their hair in this heat. Don't worry - it can still go in a pony tail!

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and everything is good - blood pressure - weight - everything. She thinks I might be closer to 2 cm dilated and a little more effaced - but we both agreed - none of it matters until you "go". I told her I'm not super uncomfortable and I'm in it for the long haul. So far so good. So no real signs I'm getting closer - just everything is still cooking! Don't get me wrong - I have my good moments and bad moments and my hip still - well - sucks - but honestly, I feel pretty good. I go to the doctor now every Monday until she arrives.

And yes - its still SHE or Ooo-Fah - we have it down to 7 names and that is when negotiations broke down... Looks like she won't be named until she pops out and one of us can convince the other that whatever name is best... Should be interesting...

And onto Miss Sneaky... Heidi has been really good about not sneaking into bed but about once a week she manages to either convince one of us at 5 am that its ok - or like last night - neither Chris or I knew she was in bed. She later told me it was because there was a fly in her room - which could have been true, a couple flew in on Sunday...but its pretty hard to sleep when you have Heidi sleeping perpendicular to you with her feet in your back. She promised she would not coming in again...I give it another week...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cow Appreciation, Zoo and Misc...

Friday night we decided to participate in the Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day - dress like a cow and get free food. No Chris and I did not participate - but we were about the only adults who didn't. Heidi and I created her cow costume that she was very proud of. It was a fun event and Heidi kept her costume on through out the night - we even ran errands in it and had to convince her she couldn't sleep in it...

Saturday I wanted to do something - so we decided to hit up the zoo. It was nice overcast weather and we had just renewed our membership. It ended up being rather nice out and not that crowded. We didn't make it around the whole zoo - only partial - its a lot of walking! But we still had fun.

Heidi was being good - so she was able to get some ice cream... $4 small kiddie ice cream - ouch and after she ate the sprinkles off - she knocked it off the table by accident... oh well... She was done and satisfied and Chris and I didn't want some anyways. :)

Sunday we have been folding laundry and slowing getting some house stuff done. I'm packing the hospital bag and picking up around the house and Chris is working on his "to do" list. Heidi wanted to go with daddy while he ran some errands and I told her to dress herself. I love seeing what outfits she puts together...

And a random... This morning I got up to us the restroom and in the short time it took me to go potty - I come back to Heidi and Brewski in my spot - they both climbed into bed and nestled in. Those boogers!