Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father's Day Birthday

Happy Father's Day! Heidi's wonderful daddy also celebrated his birthday! Well Chris got more than he wanted for his birthday/Father's Day - he got his projector, screen, surround sound, special remote whole entertainment extravaganza for the basement. He is so proud of it and even right now the chair I'm sitting in is vibrating from the gun fire of Call of Duty... a happy husband, makes a happy wife - I swear that saying is suppose to be different... :)

And yes the screen is taller than me... kind of ridiculous...

Since he already got everything he wanted and more, we went the route of making something for him from Heidi... why not put her in the tub, give her finger paints and a canvas and see what kind of masterpiece is created... he loves it and Heidi loved making it!

Chris opening presents at my mom's house - of course he got new Jockey underwear - we count on it! This pair had tiny snails on it!

Heidi playing...
Since it was also Father's Day - we took the tour of the parents and had a great day!

Grandpa D - Thanks for the delicious breakfast!
Grandpa Gonzales - Heidi learned to go up and down stairs there today!

Grandpa Hefe (note: we used brownies to get Heidi to look at the camera - hey whatever works!)

Happy Birthday to Chris and a Happy Father's Day to everyone!

Omaha Children's Museum Fun!

We visited the Children's Museum again - this time - Heidi can walk and she was EVERYWHERE! She had a blast! The upstairs Sesame Street exhibit is really cool - even for parents! I highly recommend everyone go!

Story from the day... we were leaving and walking back to the car, they have this fountain/water park thingy off to the side. It was off, so we let Heidi walk through it, walk through the puddles - no biggie. Chris and I both at the same time leaned on these pole looking things - well they happen to be the buttons to turn it on - so poor unsuspecting Heidi is in the middle of a water show - her parents just turned on the fountain. Heidi gets drenched! BUT LOVES IT! She chased the water and was running all in it... the problem was, we didn't have a towel or anything - but now we know... bring a towel...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thank You Outtakes...

Outtakes of me trying to get one decent picture to send with thank yous! Too much fun!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doctor - Zoo - Poop - Fun!

On Tuesday we had Heidi's one year appointment. She did go through a growth spurt - YEAH!!! - she now weighs in at 19 lbs 3 ozs (18th percentile) and is 28 1/4 long (22nd percentile) - her head is 39% - but aren't most kid's heads bigger than their body? It just means she has a big brain! Heidi did excellent at the doctor's - giving him high five - running around - she was a good sport - even through the shots. She cried but was comforted by her doll and we were good to go! The goals for the next three months - 1. pure milk - no formula 2. no more bottles and 3. no more pacifier - I'm worried about #3 the most - its going to be tricky!

After a quick nap, we headed to the zoo which Heidi L-O-V-E-D! She was pointing at everything and enjoying it! I forget how cool our zoo is - there is a reason why its number 1 or 2 in the nation. We went ahead and bought a season pass - I didn't realize it opened at 8:30am - so we can go early and be home by noon!

As you scroll down through the pictures you will notice an outfit change. We crossed the fish bridge and was headed into the garden of senses and in that 10 feet in the open - a bird pooped on Heidi - before we could get to it - Heidi took the poop off her chest AND ATE IT! Yes - she ate it.

Well about 20 seconds later - she started to projectile vomit EVERYWHERE! Now on top of all that, I have laryngitis - I seriously have no voice and have to whisper - so imagine me realizing she was pooped on but can't yell louder than a whisper - trying to coordinate Chris and I on the clean up - it was quite a site. I took her - daddio took the stroller and we began clean up - I think I went through a whole package of wipes - wiping head to toe - in her mouth - everywhere! Thank god we brought an extra outfit!

Daddy made a call to the doctor and called 955-5555 poison control - which confirmed she should be just fine because she vomited. (and yes I took pictures of Chris on the phone - while Heidi was busy laughing away) Poison control said if she developed flu like symptoms later - then she may be sick - but reassured us - she should probably be just fine. I would like to report - Heidi is a-ok. Our doctor even personally called us later to check in and joked - what is the possibility of that? We can now giggle about it - next time we'll be looking for birds in the sky at the zoo...