Monday, August 22, 2011

Goofball Heidi and Gimpy Taco

"Hey Heidi, say CHEESE!" And this is what you get...

We had a fun-filled weekend once again - filled with Heidi being a goofball...

BTW - on Sundays - Heidi can dress herself - I always love to see what she puts together.

Heidi busy playing with her trains and cars... she put together the track herself - I'm impressed.

I love this picture - sums her up.

I came home Wednesday from dropping off Heidi - greeted by Brewski and then Taco slowly comes hopping around the corner - dragging his right back leg... crap. We made a vet appointment for the next day and watched him throughout the day - hoping he would start using the leg again - nope. We went to the vet and did some tests and some xrays and his hip was completely out of whack. I'm horrible with medical stuff - but your leg and hip are like a ball and socket - well his leg ball thingy was completely out of the socket and nothing to hold it there anymore. That meant - SURGERY - awesome. The vet went in and cut off/shaved off whatever the term the ball part of the leg. It will take Taco 2 months to heal and he has one nasty wound and incision. But even though Taco is Mr. hop-along gimpy - he is WAY happier. I think it was pretty painful for him.


Now WARNING - these next two pictures aren't for the faint of heart - this stuff normally doesn't bug me and I have a hard time looking at the incision - gross.






I warned you...

This is cute - Brewski was very worried about Taco. Taco was gone Thursday through Saturday and Brew couldn't have been MORE crazy. Randomly crying - going door to door etc. When Taco finally got home, we had to put Taco in the kennel for his own safety - so Brew wouldn't jump all over him. Brew hung out around the kennel for a long time and when things calmed down, they could be reunited.

Sorry about the gross Taco leg picture again - I can't even look at it - blah! There will be a break in blogs as we are traveling back to Omaha for a week! I won't do a blog until probably after Labor Day!!! BUT - I should have tons of pictures to share! Until then...

OH - I almost forgot - we had a BIG accomplishment - Heidi slept overnight in panties! No accidents! She has been waking up dry for about a month now - but finally last night we took the plunge. This morning - she goes - "Mom, it's easier to go potty with panties on then a diaper at night" OK - that does it - panties it is. I'm so proud she gets up and goes potty if she needs to in the middle the night! Keep your fingers crossed and this continues and we can officially be rid of any diapers!

Monday, August 15, 2011

2 Festivals...

We had a great busy busy weekend - we went to not one but TWO festivals - both somewhat similar and somewhat extremely different. First - back up for a moment - We recently purchased a new portable DVD player - our old one - well let's just say I'm surprised it didn't have a crank to use it. There was a sale and we bought it - it really won't be used until the flight to Disney World (59 days and counting) but Heidi was being a good girl and we wanted to try it out - so she got to watch a movie on it. The headphones are perfect and she LOVED it! Now why is she basically naked - that I don't remember...

I love taking pictures of Heidi running - she is super goofy and if I can catch it - you get super happy pictures - I love her outfit too - I picked the dress - she picked the sunglasses, leggings and shoes and we agreed on the hair. :)

First festival - the North Ridgeville Corn Festival - aka Millard Days with corn. It was ran very nicely - free parking - good movement of traffic - tons of booths - old cars to looks at and a very well laid out carnival area with a majority of the rides being towards the preschool - younger kids. Heidi has never really been on rides before - minus carousels of course - so we thought it would be a good test to see how she did - she LOVED the rides! She wanted to go again and again and wasn't scared at ALL! She was even buddy buddy with the Carnies (you know the I-don't-know-if-you-showered-this-week-you-just-finished-a-cigarette-why-are-you-starting-a-new-one-where-are-your-teeth workers)

Man - I'm sorry but some of those rides just are sketchy. Heidi and Chris admiring the cotton candy - we got a bag and I think she took one bite. Lesson learned.

On to the 2nd festival - the Little Italy - Feast of Assumption or something??? I have no idea - but there was gambling, carnival rides, TONS and TONS of food and lots of people drinking. We left at 5pm and I have a feeling it turned into quite the party.

More rides for Heidi.

Oh - we put her in this elephant thingy - started going in a circle and then lifted her way in the air - Daddy and Mommy were a wee bit nervous - Heidi - had a blast!

Gelato break...

Heidi going down a steep slide - once again - we thought it was a little high - didn't even phase Heidi.

Moving on - we reorganized our family room - morning room area on Sunday and made a new play area for Heidi (better than the middle of the family room). She went straight to playing in her new area...(That's baby Macey hanging out of the doll house)

I asked Heidi to pick up all her shoes and this is what she least they are organized...


If you have a birthday in the month of August and you are a grandparent - well you are going to know what you're getting if you scroll down... :)

Heidi working on a new "art" project...

Monday, August 8, 2011

LBC 4 & Dance Party!

Beer anyone? LBC 4 is ready! I believe it is a summer ale - and my one little sip tells me its spicy and not my kind of beer. :) Chris enjoyed it, which is good and he plans to share his creation when we travel back to Omaha for a visit in the next couple of weeks. LBC 3 is still cooking/fermenting but according to Brewer Chris - it should be really in a week or so... Friday was International Beer day or something like that - it was only fitting that we cracked one of his beers. He said this summer ale has like lemon and bitter orange in it or something - which is two strikes against me - most people know how much I hate lemons - don't you dare put one in my water and oranges better not come within 10 feet of me - so it was destined to not be my beer. I have faith in LBC 3 as it is more of a German Lager...

Drive by mooning - actually - she does this whenever she poops on the potty - we are going on 8 weeks of NO ACCIDENTS!!! Next step - no overnight diapers - they are always dry in the morning - so should be soon!!!

Dance Party USA - Heidi loves when we play our iTunes through the computer and likes to dance just the same. And yes - no pants - once again - we're home - her pants go missing...

Heidi controlling the volume...

Look at Brewski at the bottom of the picture - he was just laying there the whole time while she bounced around - didn't budge once... I say he is pretty use to being bumped into - it doesn't even phase him... :)

And why not end the dance party with a basket on your head - it's how I always did it in College (j/k - I think...)