Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Weekend...

We had a great weekend at the Gonzales house. Friday Chris and I got a wild hair and decided we wanted Planet Sub for dinner - problem was - the closest Planet Sub is in Lincoln... So at 6:30 - we loaded into the GE car - drove to Lincoln - ate our delicious sandwiches - turn around and drove straight back to be home by 8:30 for Heidi's feeding time. You ask - was it worth it... Hell Yes!
Saturday we had yet another random plan come across our plate - Millard Days! My brother and his family and Grandma Babs and Grandpa D were all going - so why not? Heidi showed off her new hat she received from Cass and Lori - It may be a little big - but I think its perfect! One observation being outside - her hair looks really red when she is outside...hmmm

Daddy and Heidi when she tried on the hat...

The rest of the weekend was nice - here are Brewski and Heidi hanging out. Look she is already scratching his back...Brew really does like to hang out with her - maybe he knows soon she'll be eating food and probably more than willing to share. It will be fun to see how she grows and they bond!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sad Day...

LeRoi Moore of Dave Matthews Band passed away yesterday from complications from a ATV accident back on June 30th. Sad days. DMB is by far our favorite band and he will be missed. The concerts just won't be the same. I believe he was only like 46 or 47 years old and a fantastic saxophonist...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Praise the Lord!

Heidi was baptised yesterday! Thank you to all the family who came and to Val and Tone as the godparents! I have put together a rough slide show of my and Bob's pictures. Heidi wore the same gown as I did as a kid - a little house on the prairie, but still cute!

Highlight from the ceremony - Blake on the alter, holding a hymnal and walking back and forth preaching to the crowd - it was so funny! I think we have a character on our hands!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

2 Months!

Heidi had her two month check up today. (Daddy and Heidi hanging out in the doctor's office) As Dr. Davey always says - she is just a perfect little girl (he tells all his patients that - right Christina...) She weighs in at 10lb 3ozs, she is 21 3/4 long and overall in about the 25% percentile for height and weight - she is just a wee little one. Everything checked out to be great. She is one strong little booger - so will she be a tall, light complected, red headed, Mexican/German who plays soccer - we'll just see...

She was a good baby throughout the check up - but 4 shots later - she wasn't a happy camper. Thankfully Grandma Gonzales watched her in the afternoon when the effects of the shots really kicked in. She ran a fever and was crying quite a bit but Grandma handled her perfectly - having three boys and being a nurse helps! Thank you - Thank you!

Hopefully she will recover quickly and be back to herself soon. Just last night, Grandpa Hefe (Jeff) got her laughing - a good ole belly laugh. I wish I would have recorded it! Here is Grandma Babs (Barb) hanging out with her on Saturday. Blake came over and had a real good time giving the boys treats - I think 8 or 10 treats later - he had made two new best friends!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Unbelievable – but Heidi slept from 8:30 pm to 5:30 am last night! We are all well rested in the Gonzales house! Even when she did wake up, she wasn’t mad or anything – just yawned and was like:

“Okay, I could eat… yep, some food sounds good… yep, I could eat, (yawn) Mom, you ready?... Cool cool (yawn) let’s go”.

I don’t expect it to happen again anytime soon, I just like the idea that one day it will happen!

She is doing really well with everything. I decided to snap some pictures of her this morning. She holds her head up so well that we decided to start putting her in the Bee Pod chair.

Um…she may be a wee bit too tiny for the chair…hehe

Monday, August 4, 2008

Update on the wee one...

I figure I should write a Heidi update. Everything is going really well with her. First, Grandma Gonzales watched her last Wednesday and did a wonderful job. She'll be watching her every other Monday while Chris will take the opposite Mondays and work from home. I finally snapped a picture of Grandma with Heidi. They came over yesterday and Heidi was ready to fall asleep on her Grandma!

Over the last few weeks and really the last week, Heidi has been giggling and laughing and cooing more and more. She is so animated, its really fun to watch her. It looks like she not only has my scowl but my ability to raise one eye brow too. She recognizes us and greets us with smiles! Its nice to have her smile and giggle and it be NOT related to poop...

To Go or Not to Go...

Go Indians! MSHS

My 10 year high school reunion is coming up in September and I’m on the fence for going. Chris is out. He has absolutely no desire to go. We didn’t go to his last year and he is not coming to mine. I’m not going to force him either, why would you want to go to someplace where you barely know anyone and watch your wife run around saying hi. It’s a solo mission…

This past weekend, Val attended her reunion and had a blast, but she went to a smaller school and I think overall liked high school better than me. I said I would ONLY go if Anne would come with me and she’ll be 8 and ½ months pregnant – so my partner in crime may be out.

They created an evite, which is nice so you can sort of tell who is going. So far…mainly girls. The funny thing is, I will come to a decision and decide not to go and my dumb luck, I run into one of the girls planning it. Like we went to church yesterday and Kim Scarborough happened to sit next to us. I know she is one of them that is planning and its not like I have anything against her or any of the girls, but seeing her just makes me feel guilty like I should go.

Then I have another good friend Ali who attended hers and said she had mixed reactions. Based on her experience, I wouldn’t want to go. Even my mom mentioned that the 10 year probably won’t be as fun as future ones. It tends to be in the same cliques as high school and no matter how much you have changed, everyone resorts back to their old ways.

At least they are doing it right. It’s at a bar with keg beer and pizza. If it was some fancy thing – hell to the no would I go. So it’s at a place I know I would have fun, its only $30 and maybe it would be nice to see some people…. So it’s in the air…