Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sick Lucy...

Lucy came down with the sickness and got it the worst out of all of us. Poor girl just can't fight that hard. We spent Thursday evening to the present trying to make her comfortable and get her to eat! Its weird going from a kid like Heidi who will eat and eat and eat to Lucy who you have to really focus and try to get to eat! I think today we are back up to almost 10 ounces which is higher than 4 she ate this weekend! To put it in perspective - she was eating 24 ounces a day last weekend. Right now all that is left from the cold is a cough - a nasty cough - but just a cough. It seems her stuffy nose is gone and she doesn't seem as red in the eyes as in these pictures.

I know daddy and mommy are glad she is feeling better as we did not sleep... I think my total hours of sleep to this morning was 12 hours - from Thursday night to this not cool! Chris and I joked we want to take a kid-free vacation and just sleep! Ha!

Even though we were on lock down mode for Lucy - no going anywhere - we did promise Heidi she could get some pumpkins and decorate them. Good thing we live next to farms...

Chris got a pumpkin too... he said he has a plan for it and I promise to take pictures of the master piece when he is complete!

Heidi has made a little art wall and has been adding to it since - she is sooo proud!

Lucy was acting and feeling a little better so I said Heidi could hold her - she was so happy!

I think Lucy likes Heidi just as much!

 Heidi doing Lucy's hair :)

I hope each day Lucy gets back up to speed - I think we are on the right path! Now tonight we are laying low and letting the hurricane pass through...hurricane in Cleveland - well according to the weather channel - I guess so. I'm suppose to call a certain phone number in the morning to make sure my building is open for tomorrow. It is on Lake Erie and they said the waves could get pretty high! We just want it all over by Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quick Update

We are figuring out our new "normal" - aka - life with two it's hectic and I swear laundry and dishes multiply every time I blink!

The video monitor is great! It's a little creepy at night if Lucy's eyes are open but I was able to witness a large spit up in the middle of the night. Awesome.

Lucy has her official first cold - right now it's just a stuffy nose and a slight cough every once in awhile. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't turn into something more!

We did go to a GE function this past weekend at the farm park but I didn't take a single picture. The girls were even dressed up and everything. It was a little crowded and hard to manage. As well as Lucy had a reaction to something - could have been the hay, could have been the heat of a crowded room - who knows - but by the time we left there to go to a friends place - she was all red and patchy an her eyes were super red as well. But only the skin that was exposed. Nothing under her clothes...By the time we got home - she was normal again and hasn't reacted to anything since.

Her skin is super sensitive anyways - like she is allergic to tape and bandaids. We have been trying to find a soap and lotion that didn't irritate her skin or dry it out completely. We switched to Cetephil on Sunday and it has been going great. Their super cream seems to work well too. This poor kid - anything she could have wrong she does...her one eye lid got really irritated this weekend - so this week has been trying to get it back to normal. It does look better each day!

Today is picture day at school - Heidi was all excited and wanted Kendall hair aka pig tails :) she was practicing her "model" face in the picture. It will be interesting to see Lucy's pictures with her puffy red eye and a couple of battle wounds from a random sharp fingernail and I still can't seem to locate.

I hope to take pictures this weekend and do a proper blog but who knows!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Pictures and a Birthday Babs

I figure I better download some pictures before I have too many! First - of course - some random pictures of Lucy and Heidi!

The hair is starting to hold its curl - this is after a day of people touching it and it still curls... Lucy might actually have curly hair...

We have been having dance parties and Heidi is quite the dancer. Her favorite song right now is Gangnam Style and she can sing right along - I can't even do that! Now if I can get her to do the dance moves, I bet we would have a youtube video! ha!

Lucy starring me down...

A cute sister picture!

Taco is protective of Lucy and likes to lay next to her - very cute.

The many faces of Lucy...

Grandma Babs and Grandpa Darrell arrived for a quick visit! They needed some more Lucy and Heidi time, especially since last time Lucy was in the hospital the whole time!

Grandma Babs celebrated her birthday with us and you know how much my mom likes to NOT pose for pictures. So as punishment - I'm posting multiple pictures of Babs, then maybe next time she will pose normal... but I think they are good pictures anyways. :)

And I had to snap one quick shot of Grandpa Darrell - he always manages to hide behind either a video camera or his camera - so I wanted to make sure he was included. :)

We are so very happy they were able to see us again and it will be sad to see them go tomorrow!