Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Horse of a Party

Heidi got to dress down at school on Friday in early celebration of her birthday! She chose her dress carefully to make sure she could wear her cowboy boots! Especially since later that night was her cowgirl birthday party!

Naturally, Lucy wants to be in the pictures as well...

Then it was time for her birthday party! The theme was cowgirl and I wanted to make sure we had plenty to do to occupy the girls. We did tie blankets, nail/string art, friendship bracelets and of course we surprised then with a pony! Maaayyybbbeeee having them use a hammer and nails wasn't the best idea - we only had a few thumb hits. Oops!

 We have determined Lucy is a class clown. She kept trying to get all the older girls to laugh at her.

 The girls were really good. Hyper - not going to lie - but good!

 Next we were going to reveal the surprise. We told everyone to go out front for a game.

 Remember, no one knew we were getting a pony. I told Heidi to look down the street...

Yeah pony!

Everyone took their turn at getting on the pony. They each got several rides - one benefit of having a small birthday party!

 Heidi loved it so much.

After the pony rides, we did a quick lasso try and went in to have cupcakes, presents and settle in for the slumber party

I only had to tell therm to go to bed a few times :) I have a feeling Heidi might nap later today.  I think the birthday was a success! Thank you to all the friends joining in on the fun!