Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Becoming Adults, Shoes and The Boys

You would think Memorial Weekend meant plenty of time to take pictures - well - sorry - nope. The neighborhood pool opened up and we spent our days at the pool. Sorry - mommy and daddy at the pool in swimsuits...that does NOT need to be documented.

Anyways - Chris and I do feel like we took a step towards being adults - aka we bought an adult-like piece of furniture. Going along with the theme of finally purchasing a computer desk, we took the next step and finally bought a chair to go along with the desk. I have been wanting what I have been calling - an ugly adult chair and by golly we found it! It was of course on super duper discount - we wouldn't have it any other way - but the room is coming together. Now we just need some artwork and maybe a table or two. Some people may hate it - we love it. Its a Better Homes and Gardens styled chair - so at some point it was in style. Its comfy too. Heidi was all too willing to be the chair model.

Next Heidi already wore through her sparkle shoes that were purchased a couple of months back - like holes in the bottom - wore out - so it was time for a pair of new shoes. What happens when you take a preschooler shoe shopping? You end up with the most obnoxious pair of shoes ever! They even light up!

Side note - what do you get when you let daddy go t-shirt shopping for Heidi? Boys Kermit the Frog t-shirt - it works...Heidi modeling...

Daddy was a wee bit tired on Monday, he was playing with Uncle Brett on PS3 until fairly early in the morning as well as we made him get up and go to the pool. But what happens when you lay on the floor - everyone goes towards you... pretty entertaining watching Heidi, Taco and Brewski bug the living crap out of Chris.

The bugging session wouldn't be complete without a howling session by the boys...

Ooo-Fah update - things are just trucking along. I have been getting evening sickness - yep I for the most part avoided morning sickness in the first trimester, but now it wants me to feel sick now that I'm in the 3rd trimester. I hope that is tied to a hip/groin/nerve issue I have going on in my left hip. Basically long complaining/whining story later - I can't sit on anything hard or anything I lean forward. I get a sharp pain in my lovely groin area - yep groin - picture it - picture it - yep. I have come to find out baby doctors really don't give a crap about complaining pregnant ladies - no worries - but I have been referred to a physical therapist to see if maybe they can help. In the meantime, I have to buck up and try to push through the pain. I'm going to try a stability ball at work instead of my office chair... wish me luck.

I also had my first or most dramatic preggo moment. We went to dinner last weekend and the french dip was suggested to me - I was told it is thin lean steak and I thought it sounded nice. I was starving so excited like a true fat kid to receive my meal... I get my sandwich and open it up and it is almost PURE fat - like hunks of fat with little meat - so totally disgusting. Well - now I'm grossed out - and just want to get out of there - but Chris proceeds to tell the 16 year old waiter who goes to tell the kitchen and then comes back and offers to remake it. Well I was certain it was one of those restaurants where they probably have 18 year old cooks who would spit in my food. I mean - for the chef to send out a meal like that in the beginning - doesn't give me high hopes. So I did not want a replacement - I wanted to get out of there. But Chris and the waiter kept asking if I wanted a new sandwich and both were trying to offer a solution which in turn back fired and caused me to become embarrassed which turned into me crying. Yes - I will admit it - I cried over a french dip sandwich. No I didn't get anything as a replacement and will I ever eat there again - hell no. Chris, being the genius that he is, did run through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru afterwards and got me some nuggets. I had to document that I actually had a hormonal break down. I can't wait to see what else will occur over the next several weeks!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sprinkler Fun

We had a great weekend - Friday I was pretty pooped from working all week - but Saturday we got up and went places. We went shopping and just were busy. We would have gone some place like the zoo, but it was suppose to be 90 degrees and that was too hot for me! Heidi dressed herself and was ready to go out and about for the day. Of course she had to pose for the camera!

We decided to finally be adults and get a computer desk. No more folding table! Plus we need the table for Heidi's birthday party. We looked around and were running into the same problems as before - nothing we liked. We miss Nebraska Furniture Mart but some friends told us about this Arhaus outlet. We were able to find exactly what we were looking for at 20% of the cost - all because it has a scratch!



I actually have a picture in my head how we will decorate the space - yes - gasp - me actually decorating - nothing yet -  but at least we have a plan :)

Sunday was so nice that it was time for some sprinkler fun! A good transition day as next weekend the pool opens up!!!

So maybe both Chris and I played in the sprinkler too! For the record, he didn't clear it when he jumped and broke a piece off... nice.

 Wedgie time!

 After a long morning in the backyard playing - it was time for a inside dance party.

 Heidi is very excited for her birthday party! She especially loves her Sponge Bob pinata!

Some of you have asked for another picture of me - well - I haven't showered and have been playing in the sprinkler all day... Heidi took the picture - this is what you get - 27 weeks.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Zoo...Yep...and MORE!

I know this is going to be hard to believe - but yes - we went to the zoo AGAIN! It was the last day I will will be home with Heidi and I asked her what she wanted to do... I even gave her many options but she only wanted to zoo. So off we went again!

I added more animals to her book. She loves it!!! I'm running out of animals though - I mean - this time I had to add ones like Lung Fish and Gibbon...I can't remember EVERY thing there!

Dance break...

 We got lucky that a lot of the animals were up close and personal to the glass. Heidi loved it.

The whole time Heidi said she wanted a shake and kept asking if I had cash for a shake. I had no idea what she was talking about. Especially since she would actually ask if I had cash... well we get by a certain area of the zoo and she is like - one of THOSE shakes... and then I remember - last time we went with daddy - she wanted a slushie but I said we didn't have cash and that place only took cash... Luckily I had cash this time - so she got her shake aka a slushie.

We were walking to the next exhibit and Heidi goes - mom stop - I want you to take my picture. She gets up on the planter - turns to me and smiles. I'm like - ok - ha! Other people were laughing - like what a ham!

She wanted to play checkers and she said she won... I'm not sure if she understands the game yet - I mean...I don't lose... :)

One exhibit this little monkey loved her - I think it was her glasses! He was playing with her on the glass and everything. So fun!

 Putting her last sticker in her book...

Ok so maybe I caved and let her get a stuffed animal - they did just put out all new animals and they were really cool. She picked the blue parrot and said it was from her movie Rio. She hasn't let it out of her sight since!

It was an enjoyable last visit to the zoo, besides weekend visits. I go back to work on Monday - so it was like a mini vacation with 5 billion zoo trips! When we got home from the zoo - we were lucky enough to find a large pile of mulch in our driveway. Guess what we all did Friday night? Jealous?

Saturday ended up being a play day too. Chris had a beer festival to attend and so Heidi and I ventured out again. The first stop was of course Chick-fil-A! I know its a sign I eat there too often when they know my name is Meghan and they know it's spelled with an "H"...

After we dropped off Chris to go drink - we went to this Memphis Kiddie Park. Its a place in Cleveland that is only open the weekends of the summer and all it has are little kiddie rides. It is a dollar a ride and perfect to waste some time.

We were doing really well until the boat ride - she loved it but as she was going around - her steering wheel fell off and she was trying not to cry. I think she felt really bad she broke it. She really didn't want to go on anything after that but we did win a Sponge Bob toy and enjoyed a nice train ride around the park.

We ended with some cotton candy and went to go pick up lovely daddy who had been drinking for several hours.

We ate dinner at a favorite - Fat Heads and daddy was in rare form. I know some of you will find it hard to believe that he became friends with the people giving beer and didn't have to even use all his tickets for beers. To burn off some last minute energy from both Heidi and Chris - we always try to play their old school bowling game before leaving Fat Heads.

Today we are just relaxing as it is Mother's Day - Chris and Heidi did wash my car, I would have snapped a few pictures, but Heidi had the hose and let's just say everyone got wet.

Happy Mother's Day!