Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lucy - 1 Year Stats

We had Lucy's 1 year check up and she is still our little peanut! She is weighing in at 17lbs 12 ozs and is 27 and 3/4 tall. I think it averages out to be in the 7% - so up from being in the 5% :) She has now turned into an eating machine and she is full of personality! I also tried pigtails for the first time this weekend - I think they are awesome! :)

I feel walking is in the near future - she moves along items now and I catch her standing and barely holding onto anything. She is already into everything - when she walks we better watch out! This is a really fun age.

Our Lucy...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

School Buddies

I had to post this picture of Heidi and her buddy Lucy. We are lucky enough that they will be in the same class! They are both super excited! Her mom took this picture and I think it's super cute!

Heidi's First Day of Kindergarten

It's official! Heidi has started Kindergarten! I'm glad we were able to visit the school and drop off her supplies yesterday because it made Heidi super excited. She put on her little uniform with no rejection today!

I will be excited to hear about how the first day went! Heidi is officially in school!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Quick Playground

All I took pictures of was a quick walk to the park this weekend. The girls were ready to go and the neighbor Bryn came with us too!

Lucy might have been a little small for the swing...and hat :)

Then - the girls entertained themselves with some good ole baking dishes and some utensils... a bit loud - but cute just the same!

We are busy prepping for school! Just a couple more days and Heidi will be an official Kindergartner!!! Oh My!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Omaha and Lucy Turns ONE!

Ready for a bunch of random pictures? First rewind for a moment - we were lucky enough to attend an Indians baseball game with GE and mooch all their super pass and food privileges and it was Lucy's first baseball game! It was fun and I wish I would have taken a picture of her eating a giant pretzel!

Onto Omaha! - If you haven't heard by now - our trip down was a little less than desirable... My fan in my car that blows A/C overheated about 6 hours into the trip... on a hot HOT day. When meant - Heidi, Lucy and Chris all stripping down to underwear and driving down the interstate with the windows down. I normally feel gross after traveling in the car for 12 hours - but after this time - I felt especially gross and smelly. It was epic. After all that - we made it back to Omaha! And the cousins didn't skip a beat...

We went up to Omaha to celebrate Lucy's first birthday as well as finally get her baptized! I think Matt and Val enjoyed their godparent gifts :)

You will see a lot of pictures of the kids eating - because - its awesome to eat in Omaha! Lucy loved Grandma Babs blueberry muffins!

Lucy and Grandpa.

We stayed at my mom's house Saturday night and did not venture out to see anyone else. It was a good plan, especially after our trip in and Lucy didn't sleep at all Saturday night. I think it always takes kids one night to adjust.

Onto the baptism. Lucy wasn't so sure about the whole commotion!

 The godparents - posing like prom...


Grandma Gonzales and Great Grandma Gonzales. We were so happy she was able to attend! We were lucky she wasn't living it up in California and actually in town!


I planned on getting grandparents and Lucy pictures before the ceremony...

But Lucy wasn't having it...

So instead I did as many pictures of anyone that I would snap - Matt, Christina and Nana.

I like this picture - Val super cheesy in the back and Grandma Gonzales not knowing I was taking the picture.

I cornered Grandpa Darrell and Grandpa Gonzales.

Grandpa time!

And the ceremonies began. We were giggling because we all weren't sure what to say and of course we somehow ended up first...

 I know Matt is saying something inappropriate at this time.

 Lucy doesn't really know what to think...

Onto group shots...these are as good as it gets. Lucky I think there were about 5 cameras - so I'm hoping we can compile all the pictures. For instance, I didn't even get Bob and Lauren on camera - he was too busy taking pictures himself.


My favorite...I think it went well... :)

 Lucy wore the same dress that I wore and Heidi wore.

The Gonzales'

Grandpa Darrell and Grandma Babs

Grandpa Jeff and Nana

Our Family...

I had a super cute dress for Lucy and wanted to take sister pictures...but she was over it too.

So how about cousins instead?

 Look - I got a picture of Uncle Tone!


This is how I want to always think of Uncle Brett...

We moved onto the Gonzales' who were nice enough to have us over for burgers, beers and brats.

Where is Grandma? How about crawling on the floor with Lucy!

It was time for presents and we did have to deal with the first issue with Heidi being jealous. She did let Lucy at least touch her presents once Val got in there to referee.

 And Val cleans up the wrapping too! Yeah!

 Onto the cake!

 Lucy didn't know what to do - this is the confused maybe going to cry face.

And just as soon as she started - she was over it. WAY over it...

 Back to my mom's house to crash and let Lucy recover from her sugar high!

 Lucy eating her first Grandma Bab's grilled cheese!

 Farmhouse! And yes - they did recognize us... So delicious!

We both took Monday off and decided why not head to the zoo. We love the Omaha zoo - its just so cool. Don't get me wrong, the Cleveland zoo does a nice job - but its just not even close to Omaha.

 The updated aquarium is so cool!!! The jelly fish are by far my favorite part!

 Lucy was in total awe the whole time.

Hanging out while Chris, Kendall and Heidi went through the butterfly and bug exhibit. Did you know that butterflies don't poop? They don't.

Lucy really did enjoy Blake - it was really cute.

 These are kind of blurry but Lucy liked the wagon - we had to stop once she tried to crawl out though!

I couldn't take any more pictures as the humidity was making my camera fog - but no worries - I have plenty of others!

Back to more presents and hanging out at Grandma and Grandpas

 Now onto birthday celebration number 2

 I don't think she likes cake...

Heidi was SUPER excited to go see Ayla and play! She couldn't wait. I of course forgot to take pictures until it was two seconds to us leaving - oops!

 Look its Anne!

 And Dean!

Yeah  - I'm awesome.

So - I made a big whoops and forgot my camera on Wednesday when we secretly celebrated Grandpa and Nana's 25 wedding anniversary. I stole this picture from Facebook and Christina. I'm hoping to get more from Christina and Bob eventually. It was a fun evening and sorry I forgot to bring the camera!!!

 Some more cousins...

Onto the last and final birthday celebration. Lucy and Nana...

 She is ready!

Hey someone was sneaking cake!

 Nice Bob.


 Christina and Kendall

And that is it! We got to golf, eat great food, have a super fun night out with friends and eat more grilled cheese than we should. It was great. The trip back we did better at managing the hotness of the car plus it ended up being a cooler day which helped. I did catch a cold at the end, but am feeling better now. I might have passed it to Chris though... oops... We love Omaha and was so happy to be able to get back and see everyone. We miss everyone already!