Sunday, October 24, 2010

Zooland Animals are BACK!

The Zooland Animals are BACK at the Omaha Children's Museum! I would say a majority of people who grew up here - understand the significance of these animals - heck I think of them as our babysitters... mom would leave Matt and I at the Zooland to play while she shopped at Richman Gorman. Which sounds INSANE if you would do that now - but back then - hey why not! The Children's Museum hunted them down and fully restored them and they are AWESOME! They had an unveiling part on Friday and we had a lot of fun...

First each kiddo got a nice noisemaker to help with the unveiling - Heidi picked the hand clapper thingy - which she calls her seashells...

We had to play around on the other wonderful things the museum has to offer before heading upstairs for the backyard exhibit.

Heidi chose the chicken...

There are four animals - the camel, the hippo, the kangaroo and the elephant. Funny enough the camel is named Heidi - ha. Everyone went nuts when they opened them for play!

So upstairs they are having all of these outdoor exhibits that are really cool. The only one that is NOT cool is the semi truck horn - Chris and I were plotting on how we were going to disassemble it. :) One part was this mini fake BBQ set that is perfect height for the kids. Heidi, Kendall and Blake played there the most. Heidi enjoyed putting food on the plate and carefully caring them to us.

Heidi made a new friend, Tom, who works at the museum - she was obsessed with him and came out of her shell. She would play and then run across the room to find him and then run back etc etc. He was a good sport!

I think after playing with her friend Tom - she opened up and was ready to try out the Zooland Animals and boy did she LOVE THEM!

And when the kids are entertained...the adults can play too...

Its a GREAT exhibit - so go check it out!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!
Other random pictures from today - on the weekend - Heidi crawls in bed in the morning and we watch videos on my phone - like the "puppy one" - which is basically this YouTube video of Jack Russell puppies running around to music. Heidi LOVES to watch these mini videos!

Ready for Husker game day!!! Heidi putting on her red squeaky shoes!

She sits so lady like - right?
Chris is packing for his trip to Cleveland (training all week) and he got some new clothes - well Heidi became in love with the collar plastic thing and was wearing them like hats - it was pretty funny...

Heidi playing in daddy's new shoes...

Maybe next time she will actually be dressed for once...I doubt that :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catching up on Heidi

Sorry - the word busy doesn't even begin to describe the last few weeks - usually its busy at work and not home or vice versa - to sum it up - I dated things today 8/18/10 - no where close - eh? Don't even know where that came from! Is it the weekend yet???

Anyways - catching up on Heidi... So Heidi was very sick a few weeks ago - her temp hit 107.1 - yikes - huh? We ended up having to go to the doctor in an emergency where they could get her temp down to around 105.8 to 105.4 - lots of washcloths and a super duper shot - she was finally in the 103 range - her fever didn't break for like 3 or 4 days. All she had was a fever - no running nose - no ear infections - nothing - the doctor ran as many tests as he could think of and chalked it up to a virus - who knows - but she is better now - thank god she didn't seizure and we should be good to go! While home sick one day (you can tell she isn't 100% in the pictures) - we put up the dog's new kennel and Heidi loved it! I swear I did not put her in it! She played in it for an entire day and here are some of the shots... we might just have a new timeout spot - hahahaha j/k

Another thing that has become very popular with Heidi is hand feeding the dogs - don't know why - and no worries - she isn't eating the dog food too... Taco and Brewski patiently wait for their piece of food to he handed to them.

And finally Pooley's Pumpkin Patch... I love this place - plenty to entertain the kids and 1/4 the cost of Valas!

First stop - a silo filled with dried corn like sand - I think they could have stayed in there ALL day!

Next stops - tire swing, old tractor and a corn maze - have to admit - I don't remember even making one turn in the maze... but hey - fun just the same. Chris found each kid a little corn cob to play with - Heidi never let go of hers - she even took a nap with it later... We had to convince her to eventually throw it away - but man - you would have thought we asked her to get rid of Big Toe! crazy!

Heidi's first pony ride! She LOVED it!

Dean and Chris had a moment...I don't know...

Heidi was concentrating very hard on the hay rack ride - I think she was deciding if she liked it or not.

And they are off to go pick pumpkins!

Ayla and Heidi having fun playing with the straw!