Sunday, January 25, 2015

Having Fun

Still goofing around in the Gonzales household. I won a large boxing glove when we went to Dave and Buster's last week... it can be pretty entertaining.. Too bad I couldn't win two out of the crane game! The girls like hitting daddy the best!

We had Monday off of work for MLK day and I took Heidi and her friend, Lucy to go paint some pottery. The girls really have fun together, She spent and night and we even went to a movie!

I caught Heidi and Lucy playing nicely together. I just need to document it for the record. :)

Lucy is wildly entertaining and really a character. We joke we need to get her into acting lessons since she is so dramatic for everything (good and bad). I need to post some of the videos we have of her - she cracks us up!

 Today is just a lazy Sunday and nice to have a normal weekend again!

Sunday, January 18, 2015


We have been busy around here! Last weekend was Disney on Ice - mom/daughter school bowling - a bunch of errands - this week was getting back into our normal routine, Chris got a promotion, and this weekend is a three day weekend! Complete with Dave and Busters and playing with friends! The girls dressed super cute yesterday and whenever I can get Lucy in an outfit that actually matches and is NOT Minnie Mouse - I have to take pictures!

The girls are fun and are starting to really play with each other. Now mind you as I just typed that sentence, they are fighting right behind me. *sigh* Anyways - here are our cuties!

Can you believe as of next Wednesday - it will be 4 years in Cleveland! Crazy.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!

We rounded out of holiday season with our final visitors - Grandpa Jeff and Nana. We had a great time with them, especially the kids! Even though Grandpa was tired form driving all that way - the girls jumped into play time.

The next morning we did our final Christmas, which of course the girls loved!

Lucy received this awesome car tower. Chris spend the rest of the morning putting it together - I think 45 steps or so. Ha!

How cute is this special costume made for her American Girl doll?

 Since we had some time to spare - we went and bowled!

Lucy I think enjoyed wearing the shoes the most. Heidi did really well at bowling! Grandpa of course won - but Nana was a close second by utilizing those bumpers!

 Grandpa being silly and Lucy observing it.

Wednesday was cold but we wanted something to do to pass the time. So off to the zoo. Our zoo only really has one good inside building, the rain forest. It was perfect - just about an hour to go through it and enough to wipe out the girls.

 Craft fun with Nana.

 The last night and the girls rocking their matching PJs.

It was a great visit! Everyone was very sad to see them go. We have spent the rest of our break taking down the bazillion Christmas decorations both inside and out and getting this house back in order! We are starting this New year off right! No New Year's resolutions really - just continue on the path we are heading!