Sunday, June 26, 2016

Quick Hello

Just a quick hello...its been a busy week for us. Swim lessons every day, Zac Brown concert, playtime outside...busy times.  They girls were hyper and Heidi loves her new sparkle shorts - so some quick pictures...

I'm ready for a three day weekend next week!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Heidi!

Heidi turned 8! This was a fun filled week for Heidi. She had zoo camp, lost a tooth, got presents almost every day and then ended with a birthday party! We had a small gathering of girls and went to a baseball game! It was fun. Hot. but fun. Heidi was able to throw out the first pitch, they sang Happy Birthday to her on top of the dug out, they gave her two signed baseballs and more. Crushers did a nice job!

We ended the fun with a sleepover and watching Zootopia. Heidi enjoyed her week! Now its vacation bible school, me traveling for work and tons of yard work!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hershey's Chocolate World

We are full with fun and chocolate! We just returned from Hershey, PA where we enjoyed the world of Hershey's chocolate. They do such a nice job and we really love it. From the sweets to rides and games, you can pack a whole lot of fun in a few days.

First we went to the chocolate world where we ate a LOT, made our own chocolate bars and let the girls do some shopping...maybe daddy too... We also enjoyed the trolley tour again. I think the girls didn't know what to think about the singing silly tour guides.

This time we decided to rent a house in Hershey and it was perfect. It was walking distance to the park and main area for restaurants. My only complaint was one bathroom but we all got a little closer this weekend. :) The girls did a really great job walking everywhere. If I logged 15K steps, I wonder how many steps Lucy's little legs took!

Day two was amusement park day! Hershey is great for their age group - don't get me wrong - they have a TON of roller coasters which one day we might be able to go on - but they have a great amount of rides and games for Lucy to Heidi's age too.

 We won a lot of stuffed animals  - like a lot - and many of them obnoxious like Mr. Reeses here.

We even enjoyed their water park area which is fantastic. Tons of things to do for not so strong swimmers and really cool water slides and rides for the more advance. Luckily we got done with the water area before it rained. It didn't rain much and the girls didn't mind.

 We decided to do a quick uber ride home instead of the 7 minute walk - give those little feet a break.

The last day we just ran to chocolate world again to grab some last minute snacks for the road and look who we ran into?

Its a perfect little get-away for our family. We had a blast - hopefully the walking balances out the amount of sweets I ate and we added a few stuffed animals larger than Lucy. Summer has begun!