Monday, December 18, 2017

Busy Week!

I can smell Christmas it's so close - haha. Taco already received his birthday and Christmas gift. We all decided to go ahead and give him his present - to maximize how much he will use it. :) I think he likes it! He is almost officially 15!

Our mission to find the girl's holiday dresses was a success! Both Heidi and Lucy always want something a little different. As Heidi says - "It's just my style". Ha. 

Lucy had her Christmas program and it could not have been any more entertaining. Many of us were crying we were laughing so hard. Lucy REALLY got into it and it was just great to see. I will try to post a couple of videos but sometimes they don't come out that great from the phone. 

I mean she was really feeling O Christmas tree...

Heidi had her last game for 2017. We have two weeks off of practice and games - whoo hoo!

 Today at school, it was dress in Christmas gear! I think they look adorable!

Here is Heidi's half time show - she does a nice round off and cartwheel too!

 Some videos from the program!

Excited for grandparents to arrive...but I better get to folding that laundry and maybe cleaning!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Time

It's Christmas time FOR sure around our house. We finished decorating, complete with an obnoxious Disney tree... We have all our shopping done and I'm just waiting for 3 more packages to arrive...

The girls met Santa this weekend. Lucy's speech teacher had a Christmas party for all her clients and this Santa even gave gifts! Lucy got a very special princess necklace she adores and Heidi was surprised to receive items too.

 The elf is still in full swing...

Now it's wrapping presents and finding holiday dresses for the girls! Its a busy time of year for sure!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Catching Up - Omaha - Cheer and More!

So much catching up to do! I felt like November didn't exist. We went to Disney - turn around and basically went to Omaha - now we're back - Winter cheer started and we are busy prepping for the holidays! Busy time! So here is a download of a bunch of random pictures...

Lucy being Lucy...

 Sweet Heidi

 Lucy was star student and needed to make a poster of some specific things... all styled by her - very entertaining...

Then it was onto Omaha!!! We did have the passing of Great Grandma Stuedemann. Luckily we were able to attend the funeral and it was beyond wonderful to see that side of the family. It has been awhile for sure!

One very nice thing was Cass was in town from Vegas!!! We got to spend some time with him and Lucy LOVED him :)

Omaha is always a little mini vacation. The girls really have a fun time with the cousins and running around doing fun things in Omaha.

 That's Heidi whizzing by...

What lesson did Grandpa and Nana learn? Don't run the DVD player without the car on with a 7 year battery! Chris to the rescue! hahaha

Along with seeing all the family, we actually get to see some friends too...

 Thanks-Mas at the Gonzales with special guests Martha and Great Grandma Gonzales!

Thanksgiving #2 at the Stuedemanns with special guest Aunt Val.

Thanksgiving #3 - at the Kahlers with Uncle Scott and Aunt Joni...

Before we knew it, it was back to Cleveland we go!

Now it's December - which means the damn elf is back!

 And the start of cheer for basketball!

We had a fun filled weekend - it had cheer, some shopping, some decorating and even took a group to go see Coco. Loved the movie!

Oh and I made a wreath :)

It's Christmas time! Busy time of the year!