Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Disney Prep!

It has been all about Disney prep lately... I have finished all the Disney themed costumes for the Halloween party and now its all about packing! Lucy is a Mickey Waffle, Heidi is a Mickey Pretzel, I'm a Dole Whip and Chris is a Mickey Ice Cream - all commonly known snacks at Disney World.

Oh - Heidi had her last football game for cheer! yeah! We have a small break before basketball cheerleading starts up!

Also - found some fun stickers to add to your magic bands for Disney... so why not? this is why we can't delay trips - gives me more time to surf the internet for fun items...

 Getting ready for Disney!

Monday, October 2, 2017

It's Fall!

First - the costume making has begun! I will post more pictures as I progress... lots to do still but it's fun!

It wouldn't be fall without a trip to the apple orchard. We had a morning free for once and took the opportunity to go to the orchard. We always have fun and it was a little cold out but also beautiful. A perfect fall day...and now we have 40 pounds of apples!

After the orchard, we had a special cheer game where we honored one of the mom's who is battling cancer. The girls did a cute dance and it was a really nice moment.

I also was lucky or maybe not - to attend a Browns game - in the GE suite on Sunday. I didn't really want football - as no seemed to be playing - hehe - but the food was delicious and I had a nice time. 

Back to gymnastics, cheer leading and prepping for Disney!