Thursday, March 13, 2008

6 Months...

2/17/08 (24 Weeks)

Checking In

Sorry it's been awhile! This month always goes fast! Everything is still going great. I do have some growing and stretching pains in my belly - but I can get through them!

This month has consisted of being sick - damn flu, work work work, Matt and Christina moving into a nice new big house and Chris traveling for work. That really sums it up!

The baby room is really starting to take shape now! We have the crib, the toy shelf, the chair and the changing table! Oh and we have the dresser in the closet too! Now I feel like we have all the major items and we can focus on the fun decorating items! (Anne needs to step in and tell me what to do!)

My next doc appointment is the 4th and I get to drink the orange stuff to check for the gestational diabetes - fun fun! Then after that, I start going to the doc every 2 weeks! I think she will be here before we know it!

We are coming closer on names, well not really. But I'm looking through books and we do have a "short" list that I'm guessing it will be one of those. Sorry no clues.

Really nothing much to report - I'm uploading a bunch of pictures - I swear - I'm really doing it! Until next time!

2/20/08 (24 Weeks)

Hip Pain...

Over the last week I have been having intense hip pain - only in my right hip - it could happen anytime during the day, but it would happen more frequently at night. Each time it would last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes - if not longer. So just in case, I called the doc and she told me basically - tough - ha!

No its the pressure of the baby on my pelvic - she of course had some fancy name - I don't remember it - but its the pain from my hips and pelvic getting wider - nice. She told me to take tylenol and hopefully it will pass - aka - there isn't much we can do.

So last night - I decided to make myself a pillow cocoon - I took 4 king size pillows and about 4 or 5 regular pillows and put them everywhere and you know what - I only woke up twice with hip pain and it didn't last more than a minute - so I think it worked! Let's hope it goes away all together - but like Michelle said - I think my nice easy baby moon of a pregnancy is coming to an end - here comes the aches and pains!

2/23/08 (25 Weeks)

Me Gots My Hairs Cuts...

I FINALLY got all my hair cut! I went to Blair at Creative Hair Design - old friend from elementary on up - her parents still live in the same neighborhood as my mom - ANYWAYS - I told her - I wanted to chop it but try not to be a "mom" hair cut - and I LOVE IT!!! It feel so much better. Chris loves it too! hehe

2/26/08 (25 Weeks)

Das Hip...

So my hip issues have gotten worse - I had a really traumatic painful night Sunday night - I won't go into the details – Let’s just put it this way, I have never vomited from pain before. I thought I was pretty tolerable to pain, but this wiped me out. It was just overall scary and I really hope it doesn’t happen again!

My doctor has now put me in some physical therapy for it. It turns out all my ligaments around my right hip flexor are hard as a rock - so when I'm feeling the pain - they are trying to stretch. The therapist was able to do some stretches and really push and pull on my hip. It already feels better. So now I'm supposed to do hourly stretches and take Tylenol especially at night. Then if I’m going to be on my feet or walking around a bunch, I have a very fashionable belt that I’m suppose to wear. I feel like a line backer in it – but it supports my belly and takes the pressure of my hips and my back. My back doesn’t hurt, but the therapist was worried if I start to compensate for the pain in the hips and walk different, it will get my back to hurt.

I have adjusted my pillow mountain on the bed to now include couch cushions. It worked last night, so I feel like I’m sleeping up right on the couch – but I’m still in bed. Thank god we have a king size bed! So I really hope the ole hip gets better and I can manage it myself. Today is actually going great for a hip day – so everyone keep their fingers crossed!

In better news, my mom and Darrell got a very cute new addition to their family – Macey the 10 week old Shih-tzu / Bicon mix. She is adorable. The best part is she is liter trained – yes - I did not know dog’s can use dog liter. She is already use to being in a pin – so at night she sleeps all the way through and so far – knock on wood – has been the easiest puppy I have ever heard of. I’m so happy they got a puppy – I posted a picture of her – she is adorable!So my doctor’s appointment is Monday, I officially start the 3rd trimester in two weeks and besides the whole hip crap – I still feel good. Until next time…

3/3/08 (26 Weeks)

Another Doctor's Appointment Down...

Hello Everyone! I just had my last month doctor's appointment, now I move to every two weeks and eventually every week when I get closer.

Her heartbeat sounds great, my weight is A.O.K and everything else is looking good. I have learned how to tolerate my hip pain or at least all the things I can do to help pass the pain. I'm going to slowly try to get back into water aerobics to see if I can do it - everything else so far just makes the pain worse - so I really hope the water aerobics work!

I took the diabetes test today, no news is good news - so let's all keep our fingers crossed. The drink wasn't too bad - it smelled and first tasted like Minute Maid Orange Pop - but then the after taste was nasty - then you can't drink, eat or even chew gum until after they draw your blood so I kept burping and it tasted like bad skittles. but it wasn't that bad - i'm not use to having that much sugar in my system and it made me feel a little yuck. Less than 14 weeks until my due date - that is CRAZY! My best guess is I will go around May 24th - 26th - hehe - like I can control it!
Diaper trial on Brewski...

My little dress that I plan to reuse!

Sixth Month

Buying maternity clothes was: Annoying - I don't like buying clothes - at all - so to spend money on temp clothes - I'm like - boogers!

The biggest change in my body has been: Expanding in all areas! hahahaha - I guess of course my belly!

At this month's prenatal visit I learned that: The next test is where I get to drink the orange stuff and see if I have that diabetes thingy.

My hopes: Healthy baby and Chris and I actually decide on a name! hahaha