Sunday, February 23, 2014


Random picture first...Heidi modeling the true size if Chris' new smoker.

Lucy has been in a great mood. She literally almost has all of her teeth. I seriously think they came in a two week time period! She now does NOT want you to cut up anything. She wants to eat the hamburger like it comes or a whole cheese stick or a whole banana. She eats SO MUCH! I swear I have a little teenager I'm feeding or something!

Lucy enjoying her snack and not appreciating Brewski being near by!

She is also in love with throwing things away - like her banana peel or the wrapper to something. When she is done with something - she throws it away and then walks to the pantry wanting more! She also takes empty boxes to the recycling pile.

 Of course she had to have a dance break. She loves that Pharrell Williams Happy song.

Heidi was able to have a friend over all day and even spent the night. We took everyone to Fat Heads and then they played! Later her mom and brother also joined the party. Her name is Lucy too so it was funny having two Lucys in the house! I didn't get very many pictures of them playing. I was interrupting I guess! :)

They fell asleep watching a movie! We had pancakes in the morning and it was fun! I think friend Lucy's dad was jealous he was out of town and couldn't join the party! :)

Lastly, we have a random Lucy video. She is such a character.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Guess who else likes bacon now...

Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day

Both Lucy and Heidi had today off of school and daycare - so I volunteered and took a vacation day!

We hung out - colored some pictures - and went to the zoo! It was fun.

We think we have discovered Lucy's cause of her fever last week - she has gone from two teeth to almost a full mouth of teeth - including several molars! Poor kid must have been in pain from them to all pop out at once!

Chris also finally ordered his Christmas present - his new...ahem...super large smoker! Can't wait for some nicer weather! I have to admit - didn't know he was getting the large one but should be good! Full racks of ribs anyone?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dance Party

We started off the week with Lucy battling a fever. She stayed home thee days this week - but her only symptom was basically the fever. She was a pretty happy go lucky kid - being sick. Her hair got a little crazy when I was watching her... I think she was rubbing her head on the couch!

I didn't take any pictures of the girls opening their valentine's cards and gifts - but they loved everything. Heidi had so much fun between the morning and school - she fell asleep on the couch at 7 on Friday!

We promised Heidi that she could go shopping with her Valentine's Day money from grandma and grandpa Gonzales on Saturday. Heidi immediately fell in love with this rescue vet helicopter.

Lucy took her time in the store and finally decided she wanted this tiger piano/xylophone thing. She really does love it but didn't want to pose for any pictures. Scowl face!

I found some of Heidi's old clothes... I always liked this shirt. It says - "This is How I Roll" with a picture of a stroller. Love it.

It was Saturday night - we were bored - why not have a dance party. Heidi and Lucy both really love that Pharrell song - Happy. Heidi was mimicking the videos where the people walk towards the camera and dance. Then Lucy joined in!


 Lucy SUPER excited - don't know about what.

We ended the night with some serious fort building!

 Other random pictures - like Heidi teaching herself to skate.

 Shopping for their presents at Toys R Us!

Daddy daycare which Lucy was sick. We rotated days to stay home. I guess Lucy wouldn't give him a break. :)

I suggested to Chris to keep her happy to offer snacks to her. I guess he took it to the extreme.

 She might have not been feeling well - but she was still happy!