Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nothing like hot babes and fast cars...

Heidi, Chris and I attended the auto show this weekend. Cars, cars and well more cars. Heidi mainly enjoyed the random people talking to her and I enjoyed watching Chris regurgitate everything he knows about cars.

Heidi enjoying crawling around in the back of an SUV.

Chris' next car...so he thinks...

Heidi enjoying Pita bread for the first time.

And some car pictures for the few guys who read this blog - I do not know the exact names of the cars - just that they are fast and Chris liked them...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here Comes Trouble...

She has been very interested in pulling herself up on the couch edge, but just can't get a grip - Heidi has now discovered - if she turns around the other way - she can use the coffee table - and up she goes. I cannot believe she can reach up and get it - she is the same height!
Tonight she was standing for the longest time - She stood there and walked herself along it for FOREVER - before finally doing a face plant - oops - but no tears - she was right back to trying again.

So... I picked up Heidi from daycare today and our daycare lady goes - Heidi pulled herself up on a toy and then was just standing there - not holding onto anything - I'm like WHAT?!? - Denise goes, I think she is going to be walking soon.
We are in for lots of trouble...

Weekend Fun...

We had a little change of pace this last weekend...Chris went to San Diego for work, I stayed here and earned a new roommate...Val. Well I should say I kidnapped Val - she got really good at lifting that carrier with Heidi in it. We ran all over town doing everything from shopping to family dinners - I think we even played some rockband in there. And yes - of COURSE we ate Mings, duh - Mings is really a food group - a food group of YUMMY! Check out her blog - The Wanna Be Red Head - its entertaining...

Here is a picture provide by Aunt Carmen. Its Chris and Carmen site seeing in San Diego - she took him everywhere! Thank you Carmen for being a great tour guide to Chris - I know he appreciated it! I think his feet were a little sore from all the walking!!!

Last week was COLD - VERY COLD - I think we hit NEGATIVE 30 - for all those not living in the Midwest - you can become jealous now. We bundled Heidi up before daycare and she could barely fit in her car seat - but at least she was still happy. Oh, for the record, its suppose to be like 45 degrees tomorrow - damn Nebraska - can't ever make up its mind on the weather.

It continues to be playtime 24/7 here for Heidi - she is all over the house - I wish the boys would learn to put their toys away - we have had some close calls and well...Heidi has won a few races to the dog toys - gross. Her new favorite thing is to ride around in the kitchen on her Chicco car - I wonder if I can turn pushing her into a workout routine?

Heidi loves it when you play airplane and then swing her down - I think she has inherited my flexibility - sometimes I already see her doing the splits - I know babies are more flexible - but is it normal to have a contortionist?

Last night I ran by Anne and Dean's to see Ayla - she is such a cutie - we tried to get a picture of the two together - but Heidi wanted to be on the move instead and I think I was scaring Ayla with my camera - here is the ONLY picture I manage to take a split second before Heidi was off to explore.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


We're just hanging out on a Sunday, crawling around - checking out the place - and now we have discovered the fun of the sliding back door - the cold touch - the sights outside - the dog slobber on the window...nice.

She is growing up so fast and becoming WAY to fast at getting around...little booger.

Side note: A BIG thank you to Anne for making Heidi a cool onesie (not modeled yet) and pacifier clip - modeled in the pictures. They are SUPER cute and we love them! Thank you, thank you!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crawling then...What?!?!?!?

I wanted to catch Heidi crawling better, especially since now she is all over the place - I mean EVERYWHERE! Of course I didn't really catch her crawling, but I did catch her doing this...

Happy 7 Months!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009...All About Toys, Playtime and Cheerios

Heidi brought in the new year with playing...more playing and enjoying cheerios along the way. Here are some pictures from this weekend (Chris and I both enjoyed a 5 day weekend - which ROCKED!)

Heidi playing and crawling through her new Kitchen Laugh and Learn Toy...

Playing with daddy

Excuse my mug, Heidi playing on her Chicco car thingy and enjoying the breeze

Since she is crawling ALL over the house - we try to contain her a little bit to give us a break from chasing her - but she still manages to get into things - like our DVDs.

Heidi enjoyed Cheerios for the first time - I'm not sure if she or the boys consumed more...