Sunday, September 25, 2016

Disney & Back to Normal

Thanks for the wonderful Grandma Babs and Grandpa Darrell - Chris and I were able to take a week long anniversary trip to Disney World. Our hotel was super nice and we had a ton of fun. Not going to lie, very VERY hot and I forgot about the amount of walking you do. We are exhausted. We didn't take a ton of pictures - just a few!

Again, we can't thank mom and Darrell enough. They ran our crazy household for a whole week! I know Heidi and Lucy truly enjoyed having them here too! They took pictures of the girls that I will share in the next blog.

After many naps on Saturday, we decided to get back to normal on Sunday and head to the apple orchard. It was beautiful out and after spending a week in 100 degree weather - anything else, feels great.

Back to normal!

Monday, September 12, 2016


So.... I didn't take any pictures this weekend. It was mainly trying to get back to normal after the whirlwind of the church festival. Also - we are in house prep for grandparents visit and prep for Disney for Chris and I. Busy busy - but excited!

Chris did have a couple of pictures on his phone from the festival of Lucy checking out the helicopter that landed.

Nicolas and Lucy

Father Kosam, Lucy & Grandpa Tom (Friends - Nicolas & Lucy's Grandpa)... you know Lucy - she just makes friends with everyone.

A collage of the festival from my co-chair...