Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween!!! Yes - I just got in from handing out candy and trick or treating with Heidi - I'm dethawing and thought it would be nice to write a blog!

First some randoms... It turns out - Heidi has something in common with me - our love for BACON!!! Don't worry - it is at least reduced sodium bacon - but its delicious and Heidi enjoys it too...

Second - Heidi dresses herself on most days now - I'm always curious to see what she picks out. This Saturday - it was old green and white checkered capris, a blue flowered top, snow boats and her purple purse. She may not be a princess - but she sure knows fashion! :)

Onto Halloween!!!! We had pumpkin decorating fun on Sunday. Heidi wanted to paint her pumpkin and Chris had his own plan up his sleeve for his pumpkin.

The boys in their Halloween costumes - they kept them on all night and hung out in the driveway just fine.

Onto our little monster - Heidi!!! She was so excited to go trick or treating that she sat and played in the wagon for a good 30 minutes! Then finally she could get her costume on and YES the nose honks!

Heidi was really fun to trick or treat with. She was quite a character. We had a good time and are ready to enjoy the candy! Our neighborhood was crazy! Sorry we didn't get more pictures - I was busy walking Heidi around and Chris was handing out candy! But I like how they run Halloween around here - it is from 6:00pm to 7:30pm sharp - a cop is dedicated to each neighborhood and drives through every 10 minutes or so and at 7:30 - if you are still out - especially older kids - they make sure they go home and not let them walk around anymore. Plus everyone was out in their driveways having a good time. Its a nice mini festival around here! The old man handing out "adult" cider wasn't bad either. :)

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Sneak Peek, Random and the Worst Pumpkin Patch Ever...

 AWWWW - It's the claw!!!!

No no? Not funny - whatever - moving on... I finished up Heidi's Halloween costume this weekend and we were trying to figure out what to use to make the yellow nose. Let me back up. I have been asking Heidi for awhile what she wanted to be for Halloween - I expected a princess - well no - I really didn't expect that - she wants to be a princess as much as I do... but I expected- Minnie Mouse or Pluto or something along those lines... one morning we are watching a Sesame Street video and this video segment comes on - Honk Around the Clock - and she is like: "Mommy - I want to be the green monster with the blue hair and the yellow honking nose for Halloween" Me: "What?" So I watch the video and am amazed - she not only picks some random monster to be - but is VERY specific on which one.

I think I found the video on YouTube - check it out if you get a chance:

So my challenge begins - lets make her a monster. I did find an old caterpillar costume at a kid's consignment event - I removed a bunch of items, fixed parts of the body suit, took a bicycle horn - made it yellow (with a balloon) - used oil funnels as horns, made some eyes and used a blue boa to make the hair and well this is as close as I can get to the monsters in the video. I think I will have fun taking pictures of Heidi in the costume in a week!

Nothing better than Husker Saturday! I love this picture of Heidi eating chili watching the football game and Taco and Brewski are watching her VERY carefully. Ha!

Chris took the plunge and he tried his Christmas Ale or it has now been dubbed LBH - for Little Bit of Heidi. Yes - this was the batch of beer that was lucky enough to have not only a pair of jeans thrown in the batch but also some very not-so-clean socks. Results - I even thought it tasted pretty good - but its STRONG. Chris says it tested at 8% alcohol content or whatever - yikes! So who of our family members will be brave enough to drink this over Thanksgiving? We will see...

Sunday was pumpkin patch Sunday! I googled several local pumpkin patches and after many horrible website reviews - I decided we would try the Rockin R Ranch pumpkin patch. It seemed decent on their website and it was only about 10 miles away.

First - I had to convince Heidi it was okay to wear her snow boots as she was going to get muddy. Well she became very excited to wear them and was hamming it up for the pictures. Also - she wanted me to do her hair in a fun bun as she would call it. I braided it a few times and then she kept handing me little colored rubber bands to add to it. Hey - I give her credit - her hair didn't budge and stayed all day.

 Time for the pumpkin patch. Heidi wanted me to take pictures of her in each head - funny!

 This place at least had plenty of animals to pet and check out - Heidi loves her animals and was very happy petting things from goats to rabbits to horses and sheep.

 This place had a show every half hour for the kids. I saw it a couple of times while being there and I still don't get it. Basically this guy is a bad guy - of course slips away before being caught and after he runs away - a chicken and a cow come do some less-than-enthusiastic dance number. I think Heidi's expression while watching the show sums it up. If a 3 year old can't get into it - sorry - you need to revamp your show...

 After watching the very confusing show - we moved on to explore the other attractions.

The one and only attraction I thought was cute and fun - was you purchased a bag of sand and then you take it over to this water fall thingy and you can sift through the sand and find items - like the old miners did for gold. Heidi of course skipped over the bag with jewels and instead went for the bag of bugs.

Funny story - we are sifting through our sand and this lady comes up with her daughter and is like: "Oh - there are bugs in the sand?" I'm like - "Oh, no, you can choose different ones." She is like: "Oh, no - you got bugs." Turns to her daughter, "We better make sure we don't get the bugs one" She turns back to us with this look of like I'm sorry and goes on to play. I'm like - um -we wanted the bug one... ha.

 Heidi checking herself out in the fun house mirror... little did we know after half way through - the fun house - turned into a scary house with clowns popping up and everything. Oops - Heidi use to like clowns - looks like we just messed that one up for her...

And on to the pumpkin patch - we take a tracker ride to go get pumpkins - we come around the corner and well see the most pathetic patch we have ever seen. It maybe had 40 pumpkins - seriously - it was so bad. Chris and I are like - WTF? The wide shot picture of all the pumpkins - is seriously it - I'm at one end of the field and Heidi is at the other...So much for going in a field and picking a pumpkin!

Well after a disappointing trip to the pumpkin patch - we ended on a high note and with a pony ride. Heidi loved it!

Next year we won't be visiting this place again - lesson learned! It makes me really miss a place like Pooleys right now! Halloween is almost here!!!