Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Video

Random video of Lucy. She is walking everywhere and still full of energy...a normal night for us...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hanging Out

Lucy was in a fun mood  - so I thought I would snap some pictures. Of course I couldn't get her to sit there - but they are fun just the same :)

She thought it was SO funny to steal my lens cap!

We are in a winter wonderland once again. I'm guessing we have 8 to 12 inches of snow. We have had to go collect Brewski a few times. He gets confused and can't see anywhere. Would you want to go out in this?

Heidi has been too busy playing to want to sit for any pictures. She has taken over our whole house!

 Lucy basically walks a majority of the places she goes now. She is so tiny - its entertaining to see her wobble around!

I come home from grocery shopping to find Lucy daddy daycare once again...

 Heidi did not want to stop playing to pose.

 We finally introduced Lucy to the bowling game at Fat Heads. She loved it!!!

It was a fun weekend! The snow outside makes me want to eat chili and crawl in bed!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Heidi Day

Chris, Heidi and I all had today off - so we made it into a Heidi day! Lucy went off to daycare like normal and we spent the day playing, eating lunch and going to a movie with Heidi. I think Heidi really enjoyed it!

We went and FINALLY saw Frozen. If you haven't seen it - do - it really is a great movie. Heidi was barely in her seat - she was watching every moment of it! Clapping sometimes - belly laughing - really fun. She said her new favorite color is white and wanted to wear a long cap when she got home! Plus - all the singing!!! The theater had a new contraption - it may not be new but I haven't been to a movie in awhile. Basically its a really cool candy machine. You pay $4 - and get a HUGE cup of whatever candy you picked. I had some, Heidi had some, Chris had...a lot... and we STILL filled a container at home. Imagine a large keg cup filled to the top of mini M&Ms...It was like we bought a whole bag!

The theater was too dark to take pictures - I tried and the flash was too much!

Heidi was also really excited by the Rio 2 display at the theater! She counted 13 new characters in the promo and can't wait to see it!

It was nice to be able to spend a day with Heidi! Back to the routine tomorrow!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


I think we are back to normal now... we have heat (got it at 11 am on Wednesday - about 36 hours without!) - we have water - yeah - right after we got our heat, came out an emergency water issue that they did not have enough to supply us - but luckily it was all ok. We only had one casualty of the no heat...the fish or really, The Fish With No Name.  Do we feel bad that he slowly froze to death and was found frozen at the bottom of the tank - after Chris fed him twice without noticing - yes. How did Heidi take it? Oh - she didn't care - asked for a new one or a cooler pet - like a bird. That fish had made it through numerous weeks of not being fed and this no heat did him in. RIP TFWNN.

Moving on... Lucy has been walking a lot more. If she needs to go somewhere fast - she still crawls but we have hit the number of steps to be in the 20s and above. She has also defaulted to walking versus always crawling.

Another big change is we have cold turkey quit her bottles. She was down to three and honestly never finished them, maybe once or twice a week. Yesterday morning was the toughest - not a happy camper but got over it rather quickly - now yesterday afternoon - she cried for 40 minutes - and anyone who has experienced her crying - yes - it was awful. 40 minutes BUT she hasn't cried once since. Nothing today. Woke up this morning and could care less about the bottle. She has drank milk out of a sippy cup with meals and that's it. We will see how daycare goes when other kids around her are having bottles.

It came to be Sunday afternoon and I hadn't taken any pictures - thought I would snap a few. Yes - they are in their PJs - aren't you?

Taco kept photo bombing everything...

Maybe we should start Lucy on piano lessons :)

Lucy already has some back-up singers!

I keep catching Lucy and Heidi "hanging" out...

Heidi decided she wanted to show off some of her new toys...posing by Heidi of course...

Brew photo bomb.

Lucy was being really silly and it was hard to catch them together!

 Brewski is almost 10...

Heidi moved on from showing off her presents and I think Lucy was over it too!

 Happy Sunday!