Sunday, November 18, 2012

Prepping for Omaha!

We are prepping for Omaha! Man - we have a lot to bring and to plan - but I think we will be just fine. I wanted to post the last random pictures prior to our departure. Omaha is just a few days away!!!

Lucy and tummy time...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

School Pictures

I had to share - too funny!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry I have not posted from the weekend - it was a busy weekend! First I was on a mission - find a dress for the wedding - and it took all day Saturday, part of Sunday and finally on Monday I found one! Whew!

Sunday we did go to the zoo - it was gorgeous out and great to be outside. But sorry no pictures - thought wrangling Heidi and Lucy was enough!

Now for random cell phone pictures since that's all I have. I have no idea what order they will post in - so there are a couple from me trying to practice doing Heidi's hair for the wedding... And then I think just random Heidi and Lucy shots before gymnastics.

We are preparing for Omaha and can't WAIT to get there!!!! One week away!!!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Halloween Saturday

Due to hurricane Sandy - our Halloween was postponed until Saturday. We did experience some high 70 mph winds and our power did go out, but overall, we didn't experience much. We were able to collect the items that were blown away - like Chris' smoker - and our sump pump didn't fail us. Some other people in Cleveland really got hit - and are STILL without power!

Anyways - some random items before Halloween - I had to take this picture of Lucy's feet - she has such tiny little feet - so cute! And the crab on the butt helps too!

We get wild life in our backyard all the time - deer especially. I came home form work and counted 14 deer - crazy! If you look through the trees you can see some of the other deer. Heidi likes to wave at them. :)

On real Halloween (Wednesday) - we went ahead and opened the candy and had some. It was weird not to be going trick or treating but the weather was horrible. And in the end, I was happy we didn't have to rush home from work, get the kids ready and then rush out to trick or treating.

We wanted to have an overall fun Saturday for Heidi - so we started off with some McDonald's - Heidi loves her breakfast and loves it when she actually gets McDonald's!

She got to watch Sponge Bob and Lucy was all about watching it too. I asked them to look at the camera and they both did!

And then two seconds later it was back to the TV - hahahahaha

Lucy was in a really good mood - so it was time for some tummy time and play time. I forgot to take a picture but she is getting pretty bald on the back of her head. When she cries - she rubs her head back and forth pretty forcefully and its no surprise she is bald back there now. I guess it happens to a lot of babies to have a bald spot. I think since she has dark hair - you just notice it more.

Heidi was a great big sister and showed her each toy and what it could do. Lucy was carefully paying attention!

Onto the costumes! Lucy is a moon (as requested by Heidi) and Heidi is an Astronaut. I made everything except Heidi's helmet - it was just easier to buy that!

Getting ready to go out in the neighborhood! I had Lucy in a snowsuit and in the Baby Bjorn - then I put one of Chris' over-sized fleeces over her - she was warm as warm could be! She slept while I handed out candy! Taco and Brewski were of course Sponge Bob and Patrick again - everyone loves it. My favorite part was the cops drive through during the whole time and they saw the dogs and busted out laughing - stopped and took a picture. Hehe.

 Heidi was pretending to walk on the moon...

The do a great job of trick-or-treating here - its exactly from 6:00pm to 7:30pm and there is a lot of police presence to help keep any bored older kids in check. I didn't see one smashed pumpkin :) Our neighborhood gets a ton of kids - we went through 3 large Sams bags of candy and was technically out by 7:10pm - mental note - we might need a tad more!

Speaking of candy - as any parent would know - kids and candy equals crazy! We knew she would be bouncing off the walls - so we had a dance party - a princess dance party - where Heidi dressed dad up. Yes he is wearing a suit - with no shirt and a tie....oh and a tiny sombrero... good times.

This is Heidi doing the Gangnam Style dance moves... Its pretty awesome.

As the dance party continued - we thought it was a good idea to not ruin the suit and Chris dressed himself...yes he owns pink shorts... hmmm

Heidi crashed and slept hard until the next day! It was once again a great Halloween! I was sad and a little annoyed it was postponed until Saturday - but in the end - it ended up being a better situation - so happy not to have to go to work the next day!

One last picture of Lucy - we went to the neighborhood costume contest and we don't know the winners yet - but I will let you know if we won :) Lucy on the way to the get her picture taken...