Sunday, October 27, 2013

We are BACK!

Our family is back! We had a very big scare last week with Lucy. Long story short - she had complex febrile seizures - one timed at 27 minutes, the other big one at 10 and mini ones as they were getting her meds correct in the ICU. Monday was very scary and we had some moments we thought we were going to lose Lucy. But she is a FIGHTER and has bounced back stronger than ever. We are happy to say she is 100% - full of energy and is acting like nothing has happened. I was so happy Saturday morning to see her 100%, not groggy on meds or wobbly - I had to take some pictures... Her personality is so cute. Even by the end of her hospital stay - she had the doctors loving her.

Playing with her new toy from the daycare crew. They acted quickly, calmly and correctly and really saved her life. Of course they knew what toy to get her - a music dog - so Lucy can dance!

We were overwhelmed by the support we received. One really cool support was a fellow deacon at my brother and mom's church. She was an illustrator and had written her first children's book which she just happened to have in her car at the church meeting and it just happened to fit perfectly for our situation. My brother mailed a personally signed copy to us from her and it is just perfect. It will be coming to stores soon!

Love from a Star by Katherine Cutchin Gazzetta

Now some of these pictures are out of order. I combined some pictures from my mom and Darrell - who dropped everything and drove up here on Monday. I know they weren't the only ones wanted to come up and we are really thankful for everyone. Right now, my dad just flew in for the week too!

Yes the week was a very tough week but it was also very tough for Heidi; especially not being able to understand everything that is going on. Luckily for us, I had already purchased circus tickets and thought it was perfect for just Heidi time. It was all about Heidi and Heidi was able to get a few special items at the Circus as well - like her face painted. So....she acted like a tiger for the rest of the day and loved scaring daddy!

Once again, a huge HUGE thank you to my mom and Darrell for their support and help. We also have to thank so many other people - like our neighbors - who dropped everything to help get Heidi, have her spend the night etc - They even cleaned my downstairs of my house in prep for my parents coming - how awesome is that! Oh and the food from people - gifts for the girls - I can go on and on. I don't even know how to express how grateful we are for the support we have and the circle of friends and family.

To prove Lucy is 100% - I found her today being naughty - she had dumped out a cup of goldfish and a cup of water and was having a nice little snack...mischievous!

Some pictures from my mom and Darrell's camera... Heidi had spirit week this week - which was a good distraction to Heidi. Crazy day:

Lucy first home! A little beat up - but at least she was home!!!

Spirit Week: 80s Day!

Modeling cute gifts from Katlann

The daycare ladies who helped save her life...We knew they cared for Lucy but you never know how deep until you have to go through something like this.

Lucy checking out the book...

Circus time!!!

As I said... We are BACK!